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From Whiteboards to Web 2.0
Daniel Martín

From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 links interactive whiteboards and the internet to make language-learning activities both fun and effective. With more than 80 practical activities.
From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 guides teachers to the most popular and user-friendly web tools to create activities for students to use both in and outside the classroom to maximize their language learning.
From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 is divided into three main sections, Image-based activities, Sound and video-based activities and Text-based activities. A strong emphasis has been placed on promoting learner interaction and active language practice and communication in the classroom.
From Whiteboards to Web 2.0 provides links to video tutorials on how to use the Web 2.0 tools described in the book. The tutorials cover both the technical aspects of how to access and use the tools and the language learning potential of these tools.

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