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The Spelling Blog (written by Johanna Stirling) is about anything to do with English spelling, but particularly the teaching and learning of it. It prides itself on taking a FRESH look at what some consider to be a fuddy-duddy (boring and old-fashioned) subject. The Spelling Blog aims to point you in some interesting directions, make you question received wisdom and give you tools for improving spelling - your own or someone else's. It's also there for people who just happen to be interested in spelling. Out of the Spelling Blog came Johanna’s excellent book “Teaching Spelling” - Elton’s nominated and now available as a digital book here.

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Teaching Spelling to English language learners
This essential manual answers three challenging questions:
•    Why is there a problem with teaching and learning spelling?
•    What can be done about it?
•    How can this be accomplished?

Part One helps teachers understand the systems of English spelling and the regularities, which are not necessarily phonological.  It explores the errors that learners really make and the challenges faced by teachers.

Part Two outlines a fresh, new, multi-dimensional approach to teaching spelling which recognises the need for learner engagement and strategy training as well as work on the patterns found in English orthography.

Part Three of the book presents over seventy engaging and effective activities which are designed to develop a range of strategies and knowledge about English spelling.

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