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Best Practices for Blended Learning supports language teachers and school managers in developing and running Blended Learning courses. 
Authors Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett bring their years of experience to this ever-evolving and highly-complex field to offer systematic guidance on the various technologies available to language teachers and a framework to help you choose which of the many learning platforms available is suitable for your context and goals. 
The handbook also contains a wealth of practical teaching ideas which blend traditional classroom input with online activities.
Whether you are a language teacher or teacher trainer looking to start blending your classes, or an academic manager looking to improve learning outcomes in your institution,
Best Practices for Blended Learning offers the information and support that you need.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £27.00 ($39.50)


ETpedia is an essential resource for those who teach English as a second or foreign language. It provides novice teachers and those who are in the early years of their careers with 1,000 creative tips, techniques, questions, thoughts and ideas on common teaching and classroom issues. 
Each section covers a different aspect of teaching and offers a selection of 10 tips or pointers to aid and inspire practice. The content covers preparation and planning, classroom management, lesson topics, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, teaching contexts, and further development.
A flexible and adaptable resource, it can be dipped into or read cover to cover as preparation for a first teaching job. The layout and wide margins allow space for writing notes about how the materials were used or adapted.
ETpedia can be used with all levels and ages and for one-to-one or classroom teaching.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £24.00


Teaching English One-to-One
This book provides an analysis of the problems of teaching students on a one-to-one basis as opposed to teaching groups of students. The book covers a wide range of topics in this field and explains learner needs analysis and learner profiles, especially the students current use of English and the reason for taking a one-to-one course; course planning; techniques which are specific to one-to-one teaching; techniques which don't work with one-to-one teaching; using the learner as the resource for teaching; together with the advantages of teaching students on a one-to-one basis as opposed to teaching in a group.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £11.95

Teaching English with Drama
This book covers the exciting sector of teaching English language students using drama, plays and with theatre techniques, including how to plan class work, choosing appropriate texts, working with students with theatrical techniques, modifying dialogue and lines for different levels of student, stage management, and how these all work together to improve language appreciation and learning; using classic plays, suggested characters; resources beyond the textbook; using stories, songs, games, etc.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £11.95

Lessons in Your Rucksack
Lessons in Your Rucksack is an exciting practical guide for newly-qualified teachers and teachers embarking on a gap year, and wondering what to do when faced with a first class in a new school in a new country - but with no resources, no books and no lesson plans. This book is packed with ideas, tips and advice on how to construct and manage lessons with nothing more than the basics ... in your rucksack. A pack of cards, pens, maps, string, all play a part.Includes real-life advice and stories from teachers and student-teachers about their experiences teaching around the world. This is the perfect book for anyone working towards their first teacher's qualification, such as a Cert.TESOL or CELTA.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £10.95

A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT
A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT is an invaluable support tool for teacher trainers, those planning to become a teacher trainer and anyone who does staff training as part of their role. The book will help you understand and shape your teacher training practice.
This is the ideal teacher training companion, covering all aspects of training, both face to face and online:
• Find out how to get into teacher training
• Discover techniques to use in input sessions
• Develop ways to structure sessions
• Construct lesson plans
• Understand different approaches for observing lessons and giving feedback
• Gain insights into planning, managing and co-ordinating training sessions.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £25.00

Become an Online English Teacher
Learning English online is growing in popularity as technological advances enable teachers and learners to communicate more effectively in the virtual world. As such, EFL teachers need to develop practical skills to set up and grow their own online businesses.
Become an Online English Teacher guides tutors through this process step-by-step. From choosing the right tools for the job, advertising and finding students online, to self-promotion through a blog, website or social networking, creating lesson plans and processing payments.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £10.95

Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons
Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons is a book which outlines an alternative approach to teaching grammar in the language classroom. It explores what speakers and writers of English do with grammar, and how language students can be guided to discover what they mean.

This book is comprised of lesson materials, systematic lesson procedures, discovery techniques and explores replication activities that can be incorporated into a syllabus and used as demonstration lessons.
Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons aims to help teachers to develop their knowledge of grammar, provide a source of grammar lessons and instigate new ways of planning and organising lessons.  

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £24.95

ETpedia : Young Learners
Teachers of Young Learners are challenged with not only teaching but managing behaviour and making learning fun. ETpedia Young Learners  is made up of 50 units each with 10 ideas, tried and tested tips and tools to help make teaching young learners as easy as child's play.

- Tips on getting to know your students so you can get the best from your young learners

- Discover useful classroom behaviour management secrets and tools

- Keep young learners engaged using music, stories and craft activities. 

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £24.95

ETpedia: Business English
ETpedia Business English will help save busy Business English teachers time with all resources clearly and easily referenced in one book. ETpedia Business English is for different teachers at different stages of their Business English career to support preparation, planning and professional development. 

The simple layout of 50 units makes it easy to find what you are looking for and to use the resource according to your need, interest or level of experience.

Following the success of the first
ETpediaETpedia Business English is the second title in the ETpedia series. It is the winner of the 2016 David Riley Award for Innovation in Business and ESP, an award that recognises creativity and excellence in ELT.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £20.00

ETpedia: Materials Writing
ETpedia Materials Writing is a complete reference guide which provides both new and experienced teachers with tips, advice and ideas for writing English materials. It follows on from other books in the ETpedia series, which all use a system of units of 10 to make the resource easy-to-use whether you are dipping in for a quick tip or looking for more comprehensive ideas.

ETpedia Materials Writing has 500 units of 10 tips which cover everything from basic principles to extensive materials writing. Each unit will inspire you whether you’re writing your own materials for the first time or if you’re an experienced materials writer looking to further develop your skills.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £23.95 ($29.99)


ETpedia: Teenagers
1. You’re new to teaching: Less experienced teachers will find this a useful and practical introduction to working with teenage students.
2. You need some ideas: More experienced teachers in search of new ideas will find good, practical activities and techniques here.
3. You’re struggling with teens: This book does more than provide classroom ideas: it aims to help teachers better understand teenagers, and to empathise with some of the issues that teenagers have in the classroom.
4. You’ve never taught teens before: Experienced teachers who are about to work with teenagers for the first time will get a sense of the unique challenge posed by teenage classes.
5. You read on the run: Teachers who need something bite-sized that they can dip into between classes will appreciate the format of the book.
6. You’re looking for staff room discussion-starters: Senior teachers and heads of department can select units of the book to kick-start staff room conversations, peer collaboration and idea-sharing among colleagues.
7. You want something that works: The ideas in the book are designed to be simple, effective and down-to-earth.
8. You haven’t got much time to prepare lessons: Most of the practical ideas and activities in this book are straightforward and need little or no preparation.
9. You enjoy teaching: This book is written for teachers who love teaching, and who want their lessons to be memorable and enjoyable – both for their students and themselves.
10. You’re curious about other teachers’ experiences with teens: The author has spent many years working with teenagers, thinking about the teenage classroom and discussing teaching with colleagues.

The book is a culmination of that process.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £24.00 ($30.00)


ETpedia: Grammar
ETpedia Grammar equips teachers with a wide range of classroom activities that lend themselves to engaging practice with the most common grammar points taught in the English language classroom.

Organised into 50 units each containing 10 ideas, ETpedia Grammar is easy to dip in and out of. It will save you planning time, provide inspiration, help you motivate students, and anticipate problems students might have with different aspects of grammar.

Within the resource, grammar points are ordered in themed sets, presented in a sequence loosely based on the order you might expect to teach them on a course. 

Every unit in ETpedia Grammar provides you with 10 different ideas and activities. Usually the first couple of ideas in a unit offer ideas for presenting the key points of the grammar, and the main part of the unit provides you with ideas for activities to practise the grammar in a fun, meaningful way. 

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £24.00 ($30.00)


Self-soothing: coping with everyday and extraordinary stress
Self-soothing gives professionals techniques to teach parents/caregivers to use with children who have experienced trauma, to maintain emotional well-being.
Self-soothing: Coping with everyday and extraordinary stress provides a range of techniques and exercises that have been developed through working with children who have experienced trauma or unstable home lives, and the parents and guardians struggling to care for them.
Each chapter of Self-soothing provides background information to enable the trainer to enhance participants’ understanding of stress and how these techniques can help, along with exercises that can be used at any time to induce relaxation and avoid the consequences of chronic stress.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £25.00 ($32.00)


The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision
The model of restorative resilience supervision was first developed in response to the emotional demands of midwives, doctors and nurses caring for families who had experienced miscarriage and stillbirth. 
The programme was designed to support professionals to process their workplace experiences and support them to build resilience levels to ensure they had future coping strategies beyond the initial life of the supervision sessions. 
Since the initial studies, the programme has been delivered to over 4,500 professionals, and model of training has evolved from sessions being delivered directly by a clinical psychologist, into a range of professionals being trained to deliver the sessions themselves. 
The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision reader will introduce anyone with supervisory responsibilities to restorative resilience and give them an in-depth understanding of the approach, allowing them to begin using its methods with those they work with.

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £12.95 ($17.50)