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50 Activities for the First Day of School
It’s a little gem for newer teachers who want accessible activities for the first day or week at their fingertips.

–Modern English Teacher
A treasure trove of creative and practical icebreakers, warm-ups, and activities for building a cohesive class.
–Dorothy Zemach

Intrinsic Books digital edition: £3.95 ($5)


Keeping the Essence in Sight
A very welcome and timely contribution to the growing literature on Reflective Practice in TESOL —Dr. Jim Askham, University of Leicester
Sharon’s writing is down to earth and her sense of humour shines through on every page, making the book an entertaining read for any English language teacher.  
—Anne Parry, English Language Consultant
…insightful reflections on questions many teachers grapple with —Elizabeth Gregson, University of Trento
The book provides many practical insights into four broad strands of contemporary ELT: learning, teaching, testing, and professional development. —Michael Ennis, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Stories without End
Stories without End engages students with literature through intriguing short stories that make them think and wonder. What if we could teleport anywhere in the world whenever we wanted to? Will robots ever replace human teachers? Why are some people optimists while others are pessimists? Where does our personality come from?
Stories Without End also gets students creating with engaging projects. Because the stories have no end, students will have to create their own. They’ll also find themselves writing about one particular character, drawing a scene from the story, interviewing people about the theme of the story, or keeping a dream journal.  Each story is also supported with questions and vocabulary activities to introduce the story and followed by discussion questions.


Intrinsic Books Digital edition £16.95 ($22.50)