Hello and welcome to the Intrinsic Books web site.

We publish digital books for teachers and learners of English. Digital books that are cross-platform and can be read on a PC or a Mac or on your iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Intrinsic books are sold via our sales platform, Flexitome. Each book you buy is added to your online library at Flexitome.

As you click through to buy a copy of your chosen book, you’ll be taken to the Flexitome web site - click the Purchase button and you’ll be asked to sign up for an account with Flexitome before you pay for the the book. This is to establish your Library on Flexitome. Once you have signed up with an account, you can pay for your book and it will be placed in your Library. Please remember your login name and password, you will need it to access your book in the Library.

Your library is instantly accessible every time you log in to your Flexitome account. Very soon we will be adding an App to each book and you will be able to read the books offline on the multimedia device of your choice via the App.

All Intrinsic digital books come with digital rights management (DRM) and sections of books that are photocopiable are provided as single-page downloadable pdfs.

Please note, currently the Kindle is not a supported device, as there appears to be an issue related to the Kindle browser (Silk). However, using a different browser on the Kindle may give different/better results. We are working hard to address this problem.

Payment for the books is made using our secure, online sales platform, Flexitome. After selecting your book here, a link will take you to flexitome.com. Flexitome will process your payment and add the book to your Library.

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